Brendilynn Mantey-Annor is an Edmonton (Canadian) based author for children’s books and an upcoming  christian fantasy novel. 


She graduated from the University of Alberta (Faculty Saint-Jean) in 2019 with a Bachelor of Education in French, with inclusive ​education. After completing her courses early in December 2018, she divided right into teaching, including tutoring sessions and other community involvement. 


Originally from Montreal Quebec, Canada, Brendilynn is now teaching at the Elementary level and connecting with students have been such a passion for her. Reaching to better be teaching students has always been true to her heart.


In 2020, life hauled for many. The uncertain situation helped her returned to her first love; writing books. She then started a self-publishing company spring 2020. 


Brendilynn’s dedication to the French Immersion program, as a teacher and writer, has inspired her to provide her books in both English and French. Brendilynn will be starting a new Youtube channel soon that will discuss the journey’s of an author, teacher tips and sharing her faith.

Outside of writing children’s books, Brendilynn is a French Immersion teacher, a follower of Christ Jesus, loving sister and daughter, a Programs Director for a community league, a book coach and a French tutor. 

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Bachelor of Education in French

Early Childhood Certification


French Immersion Elementary Teacher

Child Development Supervisor (Level 3)