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Welcome to my Book Coaching & Self-Publishing Services Page. 


You may have been waiting to write your own children’s book. Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right time to start, or trying to get things together before you pursue your writing career.


The truth is, the time is now. It’s that simple. You have to start before you are ready. That’s the only way your dream of writing your children’s book will be a reality. You’ve got to take the first step. Good news! You don’t have to be alone. I know that trying something new can be overwhelming, scary and intimidating. That’s why I am here to help you because I know you can do this.


I provide 2 services: Book Coaching & Self-Publishing Coaching 


Below are a few aspects I can help you out with.

  • Consultation Service - Discussing and sharing advice to guide you on your author journey

  • Goal Planning - Providing suggested strategies for better focus on goals for your business

  • Guidance to Self-Publishing - Supporting you with the start of your author business and your journey

  • Branding and Business Focus- Working to brainstorm your main author business identity, with logos, branding, and colours pallets for your small business 

  • Social Media Content/Ideas - Helping you set up you instagram account with a targeted goal in mind for connecting with your audience

  • Print on Demand - Selecting from the various options to publish your books and print them out for orders and future purchases

  • Community Building - Creating a space for author to communicate and share their ideas, thoughts, struggles, questions to better grow and connect with author going through their own author journey

  • Basically anything related to publishing children’s books!

Brendilynn Mantey-Annor
Canadian Author & Book/Self-publishing Coach

Not sure if book coaching or self-publishing is right for you? Let's talk about it. This is the moment to realize your vision and become an author.

I offer a first time free consultation. Sign up below.


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