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Go to sleep little peep

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When all are asleep yet Peep is still awake, it may cause his Mama to cry “goodness sakes.” Enjoy these rhymes with Mama and Peep and read to find out if he ever falls asleep?

A Lonely hoot

A Lonely Hoo COVER - 2021.png

As the night falls and the moon shines bright, a sad “who” echoes in the dark night. Young Hoot doesn’t want to feel all alone. She might have to venture to places unknown. Will Hoot be able to find some new friends? Read to find out how this rhyming story ends.

The Amazing 56

Amazing 56 Cover_2021

A pandemic and a loss of a beloved teacher should equal a very difficult year. Not much light can be seen through these. Yet, everyday  blessings can remind us that in the darkness, there is always light. How best to learn about precious gems than from the Amazing 56! Read this dedicated book to fantastic grade 5 and 6 students to discover their growth and strength together!

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