How to become an author (Self-publishers Edition)

This is the question that pondered on my mind for so long. It's not until I really did some research and took the time did I make my decision to write books as a passion and career. There are some things you need to decide before the journey can begin. Once you make the first step, it's all up to you to go from there. Here are some tips and the steps I took to becoming an author.

  1. Self-Publish or Traditional

As an author, you need to look at the big picture. The reality is that either one you pick, you will have to plan and work. Here is the difference: a self-publisher is an independent author that publishes their books on their own, and a traditional author is an individual that publishes their book with a publishing company or third party. (Brief...I know! )

I chose to self-publish. I really like creating ideas and bring them to life, and sometimes I can't bring things out on less I do it a particular way. Yes, I may have a lot to say when it comes to decisions and choices, but that means I will have to provide a lot of scheduled time, finance and production on my own.

I love self-publishing because it keeps me busy, and I love to be occupied and passionate about what I do. It's not a crazy, hectic busyness when I used to do many things at once. This time, it pushes me to plan ahead, organize my ideas and map out my thoughts to ensure that each step is correlated and consistent.