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Below are some helpful tools to get you started on your author journey!

Writers' Online Courses, Apps and More

Free Courses

These are free courses I have used and still use to know a bit more about different topics related to book writing, website design, book types, and more!

Writing Titles Generators and more!

These are some apps and sites I have used for practicing writing and making my future book plans. They are free and very helpful.

ISBN Canada (FREE)

If you are in Canada and you are hoping to register for your own ISBN number, you can do that for free! Great right?

Traditional or Self-published Books?

Wondering to get your book traditionally made or self published. Here is a video I posted so you can watch that will surely answer your question.

Traditional and Self-Publishing- Channel

Character and Novel Builders

Hoping to have some help with character generators or have a novel builder. Check out the following two that I use. Yes, working on a novel too. Getting there!

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