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Author Spotlight: Celebrating Diversity

Hi again!!

I just love writing about new authors and their work! The Author Spotlight is truly a project I love doing! Support is very important in the writers/author community. I have a wonderful author to introduce you to as well as her book!

As I've mentioned before, the Author Spotlight Project had a revamp this month. The second author spotlight this month is Author Candice Jones. Her spotlighted children's book is called "Where Are You From?"

Author Candice's book explores the topics of belonging and identity! Her book depicts diverse Canadian young characters aware of where they are from and their origins. Diversity is not only discussed in this book but also celebrated, showing young readers the importance of representation and encouraging positive associations to diversity. This book also includes questions to lead discussions with kids and students. I really love when students can share and join in on the celebration of diversity, identity and belonging! A fantastic book to read with young kids and students. Diversity is good and should be embraced and celebrated!

Candice is also and illustrator and musician; triple talented!

She is also working towards an Education degree! (Woo woo!)

I asked Candice some questions for her Author Spotlight debut. She share a bit about herself and gave great responses.

Author Spotlight March 2021:

Author Candice Jones Interview Question

📚 What age group is your book aimed to?

Age group 5 years old to 11 (but I also had grade 7 students read and appreciate my book)

📚 Did you choose Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing? *


📚 Why did you chose to write this book?

I have always wanted to write a story, but didn't know what it would be about or what format, nothing. Would it be a novel or a children's book? As I started drawing again in 2018, I made up my mind then that I wanted to make my ideas for a story come to life. I firmly believe in creating every year. As an artist, I need to put out some form of artwork or musical work every year for my own sanity! Creators MUST Create.

📚 What are 3 things you've learned about writing?

Details are important. What your character is wearing, feeling, what they are looking at, how they look etc... all of that matters to the story in some way.

📚 How do you hope to connect with your readers?

I'd like to be invited to schools to read my story and have students share their cultural backgrounds with the class. I'd also like to be a part of author forums and illustrator forums with readers too! Maybe we can do a Instagram LIVE one of these days and talk about our books? This is my very first book so, there is still so much to learn!

📚 Please share: One accomplishment you have done, one improvement you need, one mission you'll reach!

I have successfully gotten through 2020, that is an accomplishment in itself! I need to improve my mindset, mental health! One mission I will reach is finishing my B.Ed Degree!

📚 What advice do you have for new authors?

I am a new author so, I can say this! MARKET YOUR BOOK WAYYYYY BEFORE ITS DONE! Don't wait like I did. Also, if you can find someone to help you market your book that's also a plus because for many of us authors and illustrators, we just want to write and create, we don't want to deal with marketing and advertising (I know I don't) so, find a good team player who can market your book for you and show the world your good side while you do what you do best, CREATE, WRITE, & ILLUSTRATE!

Thank you so much for sharing, Candice!

Support Author Candice's and her book!

I truly love your book, Candice! Can't wait to read your next book fully illustrated by your amazing art skills! Keep it up! You are rocking this!

~ Author Brendilynn MA

Author: Candice Jones

"Where Are You From?"

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