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Big Decision & Publication Updates.

I can't begin to thank you all for supporting my author journey, my children's book and my upcoming novel. If you've been here from the beginning, you know that this has been such a growing experience, and it came with its fair share of ups and downs.

Every decision I make has to lead me to the next opportunity, the next challenge and, in another case, to create more complex choices. One recent and essential one is on the subject of my new novel and its release date.

There's no easy way to say it, but it is simple. It has been decided to move the publication of Ember in the Mist to a summer release.

Here is why:

1- It's My First Novel

Many might think that since it's my first novel, I should stick to the first date and release it. I wrestled with that, though as well. However, the bigger question is what I prefer. Do I want to rush to my readers or move the publication later so my readers can enjoy the world of Betzaria? The latter always makes more sense. Since it is my first novel, I am getting the hang of what needs to be done before the release and what are the do and don't. I know the delay may be disappointing to some, but this was the best decision for me. I appreciate your support and want to celebrate this milestone with you, which takes me to my next point.

2- My Mental Health

Behind the scenes, I'm not just an author publishing books. I am a full-time Grade six teacher. During this time, preparations for our provincial exams begin in May and June. Of course, I knew this was coming up, but I almost fell into a trap I set for myself last year and the year before. "I can do it all." The truth is, I can't, and that was another reason why I do not regret moving the release date further. Ember in the Mist was set to release on March 28th (that has now changed). If it didn't change, I would have a week to celebrate with my supporters before I dive into the busy weeks ahead, preparing my grade 6 students for their exams. I want to celebrate as long as I can with my supporters and cherish the moment. Rushing a milestone such as writing and publishing a novel doesn't sit right with me. I wish I had figured this out sooner, but I'm glad I at least did instead of regretting the stressful moment later.

3- Still a Growing Author

Though I have written and published children's books, it always amazes me how similar yet very different publishing a novel is. The fact is, I've learned so much while plotting, writing, editing and working on publishing Ember in the Mist. The most challenging part for me in the novel process has to be the editing. I discovered so much about the editing process with the help of editors and the necessary steps needed to make a novel great. With growth comes mistakes, and I forgot a significant step in the process that caused me to ponder my next move for my upcoming book. With the help of fantastic editors, I'm on course for my novel to be out in the summer.

To sum this all up, there is good news and bad news. The good news (the best part) is that you will be satisfied when you read Ember in the Mist. The bad news (I always start with the wrong first) is that readers must wait longer.

Ember in the Mist is still available for pre-order. The new publication and release day is Tuesday, July 18th, 2023.

Goodies are still available for the Pre-Order Campaign. A huge thanks for the pre-orders! Some have pre-ordered already, and as a thank you you will get an extra gift from me! 1 FREE apparel of your choice from the Special Access Site and Ember in the Mist Store. :)

The following list reviews the Book Goodies (For Pre-Orders Only)

1 - Author SIGNED Bookplate -physical gift

You'll have a signed author plate from me that you can stick inside the book's title page. Available for both Canadian and International orders.

2- An EXCLUSIVE Livestream Release Party with me! -digital gift

You'll receive a link to the email you share below with the private release party details, where we can chat about the book, and characters, play games, celebrate, and more!

3- Poster Card ART with MAP -physical gift

You will receive a poster card of the cover design with a back displaying the land of Betzaria. Shiloh, Jo'Dan and the five great kingdoms of Betzaria await to be discovered.

4- First 5 CHAPTERS of the Novel -digital gift

There is so much I want to share with you in this story. Until you receive your copy, you will get an exclusive peek at the story's first five chapters before the release!

5- Neriah STICKERS + Title BOOKMARK -physical gift

Who doesn't love stickers? You will receive a Neriah sticker and a title bookmark as goodies. Choose where you would like to put the sticker and use the bookmark as you read my debut novel.

6- Early Access Merchandise -digital gift

Join others as they rock the unique character art merch. You have mugs, tote bags, hoodies, and t-shirts of many selected colours to pick from this early access store. You can choose between Neriah, Asher and Tamara merchandise.

I've also added an extra treat for everyone who has and will provide proof of purchase of the pre-order of Ember in the Mist: A Giveaway Prize!

7- Prize Giveaway

Every order will be entered to win a chance at a 50$ Amazon Gift Card.

Due to the additional gift and prize added to the goodies for pre-orders, I will limit the pre-order campaign to the first 50 orders of my novel. Once you pre-order, I will send you a unique link and password to take you to the secret access site for Ember in the Mist with the Private Streaming link, the special merchandise shop, and more.

You can pre-order Ember in the Mist here:

Sign Up for the Pre-Order Campaign here:

Also, you can add it to your Goodreads TBR (To Be Read) list as well:

Thank you for taking the time to read. Deciding on this took a lot; I don't take moving the date lightly. I have great hopes for my upcoming book as it is the debut novel of my new Christian fantasy series, Pure Gems of Betzaria.

Here is the Series Page if you wish to learn more:

I can't for you all to read it, and I look forward to celebrating the book release of Ember in the Mist with you in the summer!

Peace & blessings!

~ Author Brendilynn MA

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