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Author Spotlight: Early Childhood and Books!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late blog! This was originally scheduled for end of February, but so much was happening last month! Anyways, I'M BACK!

Despite the busy month of February, I had the pleasure to spotlight an author!

February's Author Spotlight was Author Karen Pessoa. Her spotlighted children's book is called "Cam's Sneakers!"

The author book has wonderful rhymes and cute, colourful illustrations. Certain words were bolded in colour; beautiful and essential tool for early readers. Repetition of words are also strong in this children's book, and I absolutely adored the story!

Karen Pessoa is also an early childhood educator. She has depicted the wonderful skills in her field to help young readers with her book. It shows a perfect example of a properly targeted book for early readers.

That is a highlight I would like to focus more on. I truly believe that if I were not a teacher, it may have been a bit difficult for me to know what children would like to read or what they are interested in. Using background knowledge, tools, resources and such are beneficial to writing children's ! Especially for young readers since they can gather so much in a few words at their age. They can recognize repeated words, spot emotions on the page, and connect words read out loud to the words on the pages.

I truly recommend this book to parents, educators and teachers of little ones! This is a sweet, cute and well done book that young readers will adore! Well done, Karen Pessoa!

Continue the work you do with the little ones and I hope to see new children's books written by you very soon!

Wherever I may be in my personal author journey, building community and supporting other authors will always be a goal of mine! This project is here to stay!

~ Author Brendilynn MA

Author: Karen Pessoa

"Cam's Sneakers"

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