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Author Spotlight: Immigration, Identity, Belonging and More

Hello everyone!

This month, I revamped the Author Spotlight Project! Why a revamp?

1) I'm a full time teacher: It's lots of work fulfilling two careers at once.

2) As much as I want to support: I need to have realistic goals: I recognize that I couldn't keep going with what I originally decided to do in this project.

3) I don't to burn out and break promises: What I said I'll do is what I go for. Not meeting my goals was not in my plans.

4) I still want to support with reachable expectations: I strongly believe in supporting author authors. I am making sure that is being met with new goals!

The bottom line: Author Projects are here to stay! Still, there will need to be change to make it work and be effective to the author spotlights and me!

This new month, I started the Author Revamp with my new good friend, Author Meera Bala. Her spotlighted children's book is called "Palm Trees Under Snow"

Author Meera's book discusses the impact of war in a country for a child. It is a good of representation, based on the author's personal childhood. This book also mentions immigration and the sense of belong for a child that is new to the country and the language. A wonderful, powerful book that can bring important discussions with children and/or students.

Besides writing, Meera Bala is also an Elementary Teacher.

She must be so proud to have a book she can share with her students and other children that can teach other about the topics in her book!

For Author Spotlights, I asked Meera some questions so she can share a bit more about herself. This is what she had to share.

Author Spotlight March 2021:

Author Meera Bala Interview Question

📚 What age group is your book aimed to?

Age 7 to 11

📚 Did you choose Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing? *


📚 Why did you chose to write this book?

My mission is to share diverse stories. Stories where children can see themselves. Diversity and representation is very important to me. I want to write stories that represent diversity and inclusion. This story is about a little girl that lives through the war, moves to another country and perseveres through many difficulties that are thrown at her.

📚 What are 3 things you've learned about writing?

The publishing process take a lot of time and you need to be extremely patient. You need to have a good support system around you, a group of cheerleaders that will motivate you to keep going. Self-publishing is not easy because you're basically in charge of every aspect of producing and marketing your book!

📚 How do you hope to connect with your readers?

During these hard times, I would love to virtually connect with as many readers as I can. I want to hear their feedback on the book and moving forward take that into consideration in terms of writing my books in the future!

📚 Please share: One accomplishment you have done, one improvement you need, one mission you'll reach!

I am beyond proud of getting this story out into the world! I've wanted to do this for a very long time! Feels surreal still. One improvement is definitely being more patient with the process and enjoying it every step of the way! My anxiety tends to kick in sometimes! One mission I will reach is getting this into the hands of many children that can relate to Maya, the character in my story!

📚 What advice do you have for new authors?

Be patient. Enjoy the process. At the end, things do workout! Go for it!

This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing, Meera!

Support Author Meera's author journey and her book by checking out her website!

I can't wait to get your book in the mail! I have faith that you will work on more fantastic book! All the best to you, friend!

~ Author Brendilynn MA

Author: Meera Bala

"Palm Trees Under Snow"

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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