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Author Spotlight : True TaleEdition

Hi again!

It's another week with another author Spotlight!

Supporting authors is so important to me! It builds such a strong author community when we help out each other by reviewing, sharing, reposting and supporting their books! That is truly what the author community is all about! It's about having a rich community of writers, readers, coaches that aim to help others, support writers and contribute to the awesome future of best authors.

I truly love the Author Spotlight Project! I get to meet wonderful authors and they share their books as well as there journey! It really is getting along! I am very thrilled that this week spotlight happen to write an email to me and then later sign for this week!

This week's Author Spotlight was F. Jordan Erebia. His spotlighted book is called "The Amazing True Stories of Pepito the Squirrel. The author shared the true rescue story of his once injured little fury friend that he nursed back as a retired physician. It is so inspiring to hear and watch others helping animals that are in need. Now, reading about it it so wonderful and my new favourite way!

F. Jordan Erebia's book is in rhymes which I love very much! Not only is he the author, but he is also the illustrator of the book. As you read, there is such a great feel to the story, especially with the very captivating images of little Pepito. The illustrations are so captivating.

In my opinion, this is so wonderful! One: You get to document in a creative way the adventures you have with a cherished animal pal. Two: You get to share these memories with others who are interested and invested in you sharing with them. Finally three: This is a life changing experience! I'm sure when the author first met Pepito, he had no clue of what would later unfold.

This is why writing so so beautiful! When we can share our story, fictional or non-fiction, there are beautiful connections made between the author and the reader! I have a pet of my own, and I hope to write about it one day! He's not a rescue; still, F. Jordan Erebia has shared the wonderful magic of connection with a dearly loved animal! We just have to share!

I truly recommend this book! Animal lovers will definitely fall for this incredible book of Pepito and his tales! If you can't get enough of this book, F. Jordan Erebia has made another book called "More Amazing True Stories of Pepito the Squirrel".

Keep it up! I can't wait to see what other books and true tales you'll be sharing!

This community really needs to live in support! I hope to do my part and keep this project a live to support other authors and hopefully more new author friend with the same wonderful vision.

~ Author Brendilynn MA

Author and Illustrator: F. Jordan Erebia

"The Amazing True Stories of Pepito the Squirrel"

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