Author Spotlights: Testimony of Faith and Reflection

Hi everyone!

It's another blog on an author spotlight!

Wow, it's already the end of the month of January! 2021 has just started and I have faith that so much good is in store. As I have mentioned before, I have started an author support project for writers/authors looking to get their book shared and supported! I am so please to have had three author spotlights so far this month with another starting Monday (tomorrow) .

Last week's Author Spotlight was Author Peyton Garland. Her spotlighted novel is called "Not So By Myself: a safe space where God doesn't fix the loneliness but sits with you instead.

The author shared her personal testimony as she expresses her loneliness at a time while her husband was stationed distances way and for months. She shared her struggles, doubts, insecurities and pain in a moving and inspiring way; revealing a truth we all face in different ways and and feel; Maybe you especially felt that way during 2020.