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Author Spotlights: Testimony of Faith and Reflection

Hi everyone!

It's another blog on an author spotlight!

Wow, it's already the end of the month of January! 2021 has just started and I have faith that so much good is in store. As I have mentioned before, I have started an author support project for writers/authors looking to get their book shared and supported! I am so please to have had three author spotlights so far this month with another starting Monday (tomorrow) .

Last week's Author Spotlight was Author Peyton Garland. Her spotlighted novel is called "Not So By Myself: a safe space where God doesn't fix the loneliness but sits with you instead.

The author shared her personal testimony as she expresses her loneliness at a time while her husband was stationed distances way and for months. She shared her struggles, doubts, insecurities and pain in a moving and inspiring way; revealing a truth we all face in different ways and and feel; Maybe you especially felt that way during 2020.

Peyton Garland's book is so touching for me as she demonstrated obedience with bravery by sharing such a profound truth. Even if we are in the hurt, or in pain, or in suffering, God doesn't always take it away. Instead, He stays with us, showing love in the pain, strength in the weakness and grace in our down moments.

This is a beautiful novel of reflection and it allows readers to connect with their personal lives, moments and experiences too as I did. Sometimes, it feels like you'll be stuck in the valley forever when you know you can be on the mountain. Even if I believe it, sometimes it's hard to see that God is the same God of the valley and the mountain when you are feeling so down, worried or lost.

An inspiring book that will push you to look through your own life and experiences in a different way and/or remind you that low moments aren't always bad. They may be intended to open opportunities and remind us of how graced we are; blessings in disguise.

This novel is highly recommended! A wonderful read for those hoping to look deeper within and reflect on old moments again, finding gratitude for where you were and are now. It truly is an amazing book of reflection and testimony of faith!

You are so courageous and bold! Keeping my eyes out for your future novels to come, Author Peyton!

I love that this support project is aiming to support authors! We must build a community of support! We are all in this together!

~ Author Brendilynn MA

Author: Peyton Garland

"Not So By Myself

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