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I did a thing!

COVID-19 is something that I will never forget. The whole world changed and is still affected today. This virus may soon have a cure, but it will always be there, like the common flu. It's a year were so many people realized how much they were dependant on connects, or they realized that all they new was to "go, go, go" and repeat.

Still, it's important to also see the good in the chaos. I've realized how much more time I have with my family. Also, I realized how much of my time and energy was consumed by my workaholic lifestyle. Being on the go from out of school, to teaching, to tutoring to who knows where else in a day and continuously repeat that was not only unhealthy physically and mentally, it was blocking me from an overlooked importance; my passion.

Since coming to Edmonton AB, I have made numerous attempts to get back to writing. I would find old stories or scripts and read them, but never the time to progress or recreate. I guess at that moment, living in a new city on the other coast of Canada took me to survival mode. Everything was new! My career path, my close family circle, my job, and my priorities. Surviving the new unknown took more of me than I knew.

Then the pandemic happened, and I was teaching four elementary classes online. That took so much managing and getting use too! It was an exhausting, different situation, but not like the overkill drained days of doing countless other jobs I've done. Finally working a single job open to my eyes to the harm I was really causing to myself. I was really missing out and much reflection during this pandemic helped me see that.

So, I made a major decision. I finally took the big step. I work, I taught, then I learned and work hard to make sure I could get this right. Yeah, I've been back to square one a couple of times, but every turn has been a progress to where I cam today. Still, there is so much more to do, so much more to create and so much more to tell!

Now, I'm an aspiring author and a self-publisher! How would have known that during a global virus spread, I would realize the importance of living your talent. I know that this is a gift God has given me. What a shame to waste such a gift! Like they say, "do what you love and loving what you do". I'm loving int more than I could have ever imagined. Beautiful work that is fulfilling and so amusing.

This is the start of a beautiful journey! There is so much to do, and this passion has been really rewarding! I cannot wait to bring to life the ideas that dance in my mind! Thanks for reading how this all started and I hope you join me on my new adventure!

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